Our goal is to gather film listings from various sources, into one centralized system, so that we can be the one stop source for finding out what's playing in the Valley. 
There are websites that do a pretty good job of listing all the films in major theaters. I recommend Yahoo Movie Showtimes. It has a great interface, including a roll-over window, so you can see a brief synopsis and overall rating, without having to dig down. I would love to find some technology that would make it easy to display that site without having to leave this one.

But there are all kinds of unique screenings and events here in the Valley, that fall below the radar screen, because the listings are scattered all over the place. Here are some of the main sources for finding out about films, but there are always some listed one place but not the other:
  • Daily Hampshire Gazette
  • The Republican
  • The Valley Advocate
  • Fliers
  • 5-College Calendar
  • Calendars for specific colleges
  • Media Education Foundation
  • Museums
  • Film Festivals
  • Other non-profits and special screenings
We are looking for volunteers to spend a little time here and there, to compile some of the info. Who knows where the next diamond in the rough will be found. It can just be some time, here and there; meanwhile it will be a great service for mankind! Please send an email if you're interested.


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